A Letter to The Moon

If you can find one friend in your lifetime that you can trust with your secrets, who accepts ‘all’ of you, does not judge you, then I reckon you are truly blessed.

iPod 992

“Louly Fish” – R.I.P

11.00 PM

On an overcast day I sit here at my computer tapping away this message to you, hoping we can meet up over the holidays sometime soon.

I went down to the mini library-room today to get some more books out and then over to the Aksara where I picked up a few things that I have been meaning to get, shampoo etc…

It was great chatting to you last night, guess what I still have the sore tummy, I think its going around as I have been feeling a bit off colour since suheri day but I hope its not like the bug you have had. 😀

2012 has been a challenging year on many levels . And I am not one to make resolutions, only because I believe life is a beautiful mystery.

There are many things I have no control over. Rather I am person to see every day as an opportunity to become a better person and follow my dreams. Whether I achieve my dreams is not that important. But the fact that I have tried my best.


Because you understands me, and gives me wonderful advice, and accepts all of me — the good and the bad. Thank you sist. Just

Hmm one more thing your quote is so true, “little bit of kindness goes along way” and I know you are one person who knows how to make me laugh. I had tears in my eyes this afvo from all that giggling.

I had a lovely day, a bit of everything, springcleaning included hehehe. I then ate far too much when I miss you 😀

But not long, next year after first semester, and then I can have my life back hihihi.


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